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Additional Superior Window Parts




LK1429 LH

LK1278 RH


Superior 1970 & Older

Superior bodies with steel framed windows were built through about 1970. This type latch is extremely rare, and was used with steel frames only. We have just a few of these latches in stock.



LK8257 (Latch)

LK8753 (Spring)


Superior 1971 - 1975

Superior bodies with aluminum framed windows that used this type latch were built through about 1975. This latch is extremely rare, and we have just a few of them in stock.



LK6412 (Plastic Thumb Latch)

LK6406 (LH Latch Bolt)

LK6409 (RH Latch Bolt)

LK8753 (Spring)


Superior 1975 - End

Superior used these window latch parts from about 1976 until they went out of business.


LK2623 (Switch)




Superior 1976 - End

This handle has been discontinued and is no longer available. However, the switch is still available.



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