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Chevrolet School Bus Parts


1991 was the last year Chevrolet built conventional (Type C) bus chassis that were sold through their dealer network.

They didn't build any type C chassis in 1992......but began building a new model in 1993.



Chevrolet School BusBetween 1993 and 2003, Chevrolet built Type C chassis for use only with Blue Bird bodies.

Some parts for these chassis are
still available.

Please give us the last (8) digits of the VIN when ordering Chevrolet
1993-03 chassis parts.

Chevroley School Bus

Only a few of these Type B buses were built....but, many of them are still in service.

Chassis parts are very rare, but we still offer them.



GMC School Bus


Many of these 1967 thru 1983 models with steel hoods are still in service.

  We have sources for used parts if new pieces are no longer available.



Chevrolet School Bus


Chassis parts for Type A buses are more easily found at Chevrolet dealers who handle 30-Series vans.

For Type A body parts, call us.


Chevrolet Type-D Transit Style School Buses


Only a very few of these Type-D transit style buses were ever built. 

Production ceased around 1991. 

Most of these units were equipped with 8.2 Detroit Diesels.




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