Blue Bird Bus Window Parts

Blue Bird Bus Window Parts

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Blue Bird has used at least (5) different types of window sash over the past 50-years.....each type having its own thumb latches, push-out window handles and frame parts.

We have information in our database covering all these window parts so that we can help you keep those Blue Birds "flying".


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Additional Blue Bird Window Parts

Blue Bird School Bus Window Parts
LK1429 (LH Latch)
LK1278 (RH Latch)



Blue Bird - 1960 & Older

Blue Birds with steel framed windows were built in the 1950's.  This type latch is extremely rare and was used with steel frames only.  We have just a few of these latches in stock.


Blue Bird Bus Window Latch
LK8262 (LH Latch)
LK8263 (RH Latch)

Blue Bird 61-68

In about 1961, Blue Bird changed to aluminum frames on all their windows.  We still have a few of these latches.

Blue Bird Bus Window partsLK8257 (Latch)
LK2282 (Spring)

Metal latch bolts are no longer available.

Blue Bird 69-75

Blue Bird windows were changed again in approx 1969.  The aluminum window frame design was changed so that small, sliding type latches of the type shown here could be installed.  

Blue Bird Bus Window Latch SpringsJK3072 (Plastic Latch)
LK8266 (Spring)
LK8261 (LH Latch Bolt)
LK8260 (RH Latch Bolt)

Blue Bird 76-05

Blue Bird used these window latch parts for about 30-years with only a minor change in the latch springs. From about 1969 thru 1984, the small, thin latch spring was used. Beginning in about 1985, Blue Bird changed to the larger spring.

Blue Bird Bus Window Parts

JK3067 (Kit)




Blue Bird

2006 & Newer

In about 2006, Blue Bird changed their windows to a type that allowed replacement of latches without removal and tear-down of the whole assembly.  The parts are not yet available individually, but can be obtained in a kit that repairs both latches (LH and RH) in a window.


LK8752 (LH)
LK8754 (RH)

Blue Bird 69-05

This emergency window latch is 17" long and works with push-out assemblies that are hinged at the top. It's available in a LH and RH version.

Blue Bird Bus Window Parts

JK2819 (Kit)

Blue Bird
2006 & Newer

This handle and switch assembly is available as a "kit" and is used on push-out sash assemblies that are vertically hinged.


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