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Needing help with parts on a West Coast Crown Bus body? We can't help with all of the parts on a West Coast Crown School Bus, but we might be able to help with some. Just follow the red arrows!



The West Coast Crown School Bus is not the same as the Carpenter Crown School Bus, which we sold for many years, and we do not have any information on it,
however; we still may be able to help you.

To help you with an electrical or mechanical part on your West Coast Crown bus body, we need for you to provide oem part numbers so that we can have something to work with. If you do not have an oem part number, then we must find something comparable that will work, so we will need all the information about the bus (year, model, vin number) and the part you are needing (description and location).




Info on the West Coast Crown Transit Style Bus


Around 15 years ago, Carpenter was liquidated. Tthe owner purchased the rights to the name "Crown" when used to identify a "bus".

The "Crown" name was originally used to identify a high quality, West Coast transit style bus with an underfloor engine. The West Coast bus company went out of business and Carpenter bought their name.

The "Crown by Carpenter" was actually a "pieced together" body with a "Wayne style" entrance door and front end, an old Carpenter style floor and rear end, along with walls and roof design similar to the style of a Blue Bird.

Carpenter struggled along for a few years with this concoction until new owners finally closed the factory down.



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