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Freightliner entered the school bus market in 1996 and quickly became
a major supplier of Type C chassis.

In the early years, Freightliner supplied chassis for many body builders
such as Blue Bird, Carpenter, and Thomas.

In 1998, Freightliner purchased Thomas and discontinued chassis sales to other body builders.  We can help you find the parts you need if you can supply body serial number and VIN information.

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Freightliner School Bus Parts

Early model FS-65 Freightliners with the Blue Bird Body


Freightliner School Bus



Type C Freightliner with the old style Thomas conventional body.

The FS-65 model chassis and old style body were phased out in 2006.




Freightliner School Bus Parts

In 2004, Thomas introduced the new
"C2" conventional bus featuring a complete redesign of the body and an integration with the Freightliner chassis.

For a couple of years,
Thomas built both old and new style conventional bodies.





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