A/C Filter-Driers

Filter Driers for School Bus Air Conditioning


Need a Filter-Drier for a school bus?

We know school bus air conditioning systems and we can send you the correct part
the first time!


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We stock all of the Filter-Driers used by the major manufacturers and we can help you.



Following is the info we need to make sure
you get the correct Filter-Drier:


     1. A/C brand (Carrier, Trans/Air, ACC, Thermo-King, etc)

     2. Approximate year the A/C was installed

     3. Any numbers or words found on the old Drier

     4. Overall length of the old Drier (see diagram below)

     5. Whether it has a sight-glass or not

     6. Type of fittings on the old Drier (see diagram below)



School Bus Filter-Drier Fittings

Note that there are (2) types of "Flare" fittings.  the one shown at right comes with a tiny O-Ring that fits in a groove on the flare.....and this type can be used in place of the plain flare shown at left.



There are (2) types of "Internal O-Ring" fittings.  It helps if we know if the drier you need has the LH or the RH version. 

Note:  The Internal O-Ring Drier on the right is commonly used with Thermo-King systems.

It also helps us identify the Filter-Drier you need if you can tell us what your old part looks like.  The following diagram will help.


School Bus Air Conditioning Filter-DriersJK0447   A/C Carrier

JK0349   ACC - Amfab

JK0347   ACT

JK0452   Omega

JK0451   Rifled Air

JK0450   Scott Air

JK0448   Thermo-King

JK0449   Trans-Air

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