Spring Parts for a School Bus

School Bus Leaf Spring Parts

Looking for Spring Parts for an older school bus? Just follow the red arrows for some old parts that we have in stock. Once they are gone, we will no longer be
handling suspension.


If you need help with the leaf springs, we sugguest taking them to a spring shop to have them repaired. If they aren't repairable, then go to your nearest school bus dealer and
order from them.

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Axle Bumpers









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Front Spring Hanger for GM 3" Rear Spring

Spring Hanger for Rear GM Springs

This hanger is for the rear of 3" wide front springs on GM conventional
buses only. (1) Part No. LK5226




GM LH Front Spring Hanger of Rear Spring

LH Front Spring Hanger for Rear Spring on GM Chassis

This hanger was used by GM with 3" rear springs at the LH front of the LH rear springs from 1968-82. (1) Part No. LK5439




GM Front Spring Bushing for 1991 & Older

GM Front Spring Bushing

This bushing is oval and is used on the front of some GM conventionals from 1991 and older with 3" wide springs. (3)

Outside sleeve length is 3", Inner sleeve length is 3-1/4" and inside
diameter is 15/16." Part No. LK4931




Rear Spring Bushing for GM Chassis

Rear Spring Bushin for GM Bus

This bushing is round and used on the rear of GM conventionals, but might work on 1980 & newer fords with stamped hangers. Could also possibly work on IH chassis. (3)

Inner sleeve length is 3-1/4", Rubber layer length is 3", Inside diameter is 1", Outside diameter is 1-13/16". Part No. LK2616




Front Spring Bushing for Ford Chassis

Front Spring Bushing for Ford Chassis

This bushing is round and used on the front springs of Ford chassis from about 1967 - 1979. About 1980, Ford changed the spring design so then this bushing was located at the front of the spring. (2)

Inner sleeve length is 2-3/4", Outer rubber bushing length is 2-1/2", Inside diameter is 3/4", and Outside diameter is 1-11/16". Part No. LK4930




GM Front Spring Bushing

GM Front Spring Bushing

This bushing is round and used on some 1991 & older GM chassis with 3" front springs. It has a metal center that is encased by an inner layer of rubber which is then wrapped with an outer jacket of metal. (2)

Rubber layer length is 3" and Inner sleeve length is 3-1/4", Inside diameter is 15/16", and Outside diameter is 1-11/16". Part No. LK5201





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