Water Booster Pumps for School
Bus Heaters

Looking for a Water Booster Pump for a School Bus Heater? With the following information we can help!


1. Year and model of bus 

2. Size of booster pump ports and type of hose on pump (pics below)

3. How the booster pump connects to the heater (pics below)

4. Any part numbers you may have

5. Last (8) digits of the VIN number


The following cataloge pages will help you with the booster pump or parts you need and get your heater working again!

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Water Booster Pumps for School Bus Heaters



Water Booster Pumps

Catalog Page


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Heater Parts for School Buses



Hose Fittings

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Water Booster Pump Info


School bus heater water booster pumps improve heater performance by giving continuous and even coolant flow.These pumps are especially needed on diesel powered school buses.

Below are examples of the different ways a water booster pump can
connect to a heater.


School Bus Heater Booster Pump


Heater Booster Pump For School Buses

Heater Water Flow Chart for School Bus Engines



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