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The following catalog page has exhaust pipes along with their part numbers that may help you. When you call us, please provide the part number along with the chassis make, pipe needed, engine size, and the last 8 of the VIN, so that we may be able to help you more efficiently.



Pipes and Connectors for School Buses

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Pipes In Stock




Part No. LK6342 (1)

Adapter Pipe
2-3/4" ball (includes a flange)
GM Chassis


Part No. LK5231 (1)

Axle Pipe (front half)
1993 & Newer BB/GM

Part No. LK5233 (1)

Axle Pipe (rear half)
BB/GM 1993 Only

Part No. LK5338 (1)

Axle Pipe (front half)
1989-91 GM w/ catalytic converter
366 Gas engine

Part No. LK5339 (1)

Axle Pipe (rear half)
1989-91 GM w/ catalytic converter
366 Gas engine

Part No. LK6026 (1)

Axle Pipe 4" (front half)
1980 & Newer GM

Part No. LK6043 (1)

Axle Pipe 55" (rear half)
1973-91 GM (350 Gas)
1973-84 GM (366 Gas)

Part No. LK6044 (2)

Axle Pipe (front half)
1973-91 GM (350 Gas)
1973-84 GM (366 Gas)

Part No. LK6096 (1)

Over Axle Pipe
Ford B-700
330/361 V8 Gas engine

Part No. LK6104 (1)

Over Axle Pipe
1980-86 Ford
370 V8 Gas engine

Part No. LK6450 (2)

Over Axle Pipe 4"
Feb 83 thru 1985 Ford
8.2N engine




Part No. LK5362 (1)

Flex Pipe
1990 & Newer IH
DT 360 engine



Part No. LK5199 (2)

Front Pipe
1993 & Newer GM/BB
366 Gas engine

Part No. LK6024 (1)

Front Pipe (w/ bend)
1978 & Older IHC
V345/V392 Gas engines

Part No. LK6914 (1)

Front Pipe Type-2
Approx 1982 & Newer GM
8.2N engine

Part No. LK7723 (1)

Front Pipe
1993 & Newer BB/GM
3116 CAT engine


Part No. JK1305 (1)

Middle Pipe w/ front of OA
1980 & Newer GM (60 pass & smaller)

Part No. LK5200 (1)

Middle Pipe
1993 & Newer BB/GM

Part No. LK6010 (1)

Middle Pipe
1979 & Newer IHC
345/392 Gas engines

Part No. LK6045 (1)

Middle Pipe 2-3/4"
1973-78 GM

Part No. LK6046 (1)

Middle Pipe 2-3/4" ball joint type
1979-91 GM

Part No. LK6094 (1)

Middle Pipe (just rear of engine)
Ford B-700

Part No. LK6095 (2)

Middle Pipe (just ahead of axle pipe)
Ford B-700

Part No. LK6105 (3)

Middle Pipe 4"
1985 & Newer GM
350/366 Gas engine

Part No. LK6849 (1)

Middle Pipe 4"
1988 & Newer BB TC-2000

Part No. LK8205 (1)

Middle Pipe (rear of muffler)
Ford B600/700



Part No. LK6790 (1)

Offset Pipe
1994 & Newer BB/GM
3116/3126 CAT engine



Part No. LK6174 (1)

Straight Pipe 13' (aluminized)
14 Gauge, 2-3/4" OD
All Makes

Part No. LK6186 (1)

Straight Pipe 14' (aluminized)
14 Gauge, 4" OD
All Makes



Part No. JK3614 (1)

Tail Pipe
2001 & Older Freightliner
71-77 Passenger

Part No. LK5234 (1)

Tail Pipe
1994 & Newer BB/GM
Gas or Diesel Engines

Part No. LK5235 (1)

Tail Pipe
BB/GM 1993 Only
366/427 Gas engines

Part No. LK6012 (1)



Part No. LK6042 (1)



Part No. LK6069 (1)



Part No. LK6097 (1)



Part No. LK6848 (1)



Part No. LK8200 (1)



Part No. LK8202 (1)



Part No. LK8518 (1)
















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