Crossing Arms for Bluebird
Vision School Buses

Crossing Arms For Vision School Buses

Looking for Crossing Arm Parts for a Bluebird Vision School Bus? We can help! Just
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There are 4 questions that need answering when it comes to figuring out your correct crossing arm assembly.


1. What year is your bus

2. What series crossing arm assembly do you have... 5, 6, 7 or 8?

3. Does your cross arm base mount behind or in front of bumper?

4. Does your bumper have a slot for the blade to go through?



Once we have the above information, it will be easier to figure out what
parts you need.

The following
information provides part numbers for the different crossing arm assemblies that are available on a school bus with a GM Chassis. When you call us, please provide the part number you are needing help with, and the series crossing arm you have, so we may be able to help you
more efficiently.



Series-6 Electric cross arm assembly (behind bumper) - Part No. JK2226

Series-7 Electric cross arm assembly - Part No. JK3908

Series-7 Electric (2007-Newer, in front of bumper)- Part No. JK5182




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